Record today, watch online tomorrow.

We produce excellent technical conference & training video, we make your life easy by handling everything video related, and we push videos online fast.

Why we are good at technical conference & training video: we are techies who were unhappy with the quality and release speed of many conference videos - so we developed a better system that gives clients high quality video fast.

We watch the videos we make because we are interested in what we video.

The point of a technical presentation is to educate the attendees. We extend that goal to the viewer of the video: we focus on things that will increase the educational value of the video as much as we can given the budget constraints of the event.

Watching people talk conveys more information than just listening. It also makes it easier to understand what they are saying, for instance if they are speaking in a language you are not fluent in.

We want the videos available within days of the event. Not weeks, or months.

We don't want to disrupt the event by imposing restrictions on the presenter. Examples of things our competitors require that we don't require:

The above requirements are removed by using a Frame Grabber Device. Whatever is projected can become part of the video; this sits between the laptop and the projector.

We integrate transparently into existing AV (or we can supply) - our equipment is not disruptive or obtrusive.

We have developed a work flow tailored around achieving the goals. It maximises the productivity of the staff so that we get the best results in a minimal amount of time.

The gets a great quality video ready for viewing in a minimal amount of time.