Record today, watch online tomorrow.

Our full professional rate varies (options) per day for a complete recording & video delivery package. It is structured as a "per room, per day" cost. This price can vary based on options you choose. Our recommended package inclusions are listed below; this is the easiest and the most reliable way to get high quality results.

For a quote, please Contact Us and we'll work with you to find something that fits.

What we recommend to include to make it easy for you (equipment, team, production service):

Options available for an additional charge:

There may be an additional expense for travel, lodging and shipping for venues that are not local. Travel is typically an event budgeted item (receipts are submitted for reimbursement up to a predefined amount), logging and shipping are added to the master bill of the event hotel.

We charge no fee for viewing, and there are no product ads stuck on the front of the video. They are your videos.

Events over 4 room days require additional hardware and management.

For price sensitive events we can utilise conference volunteers rather than AV professionals, and include basic AV training. This reduces the price considerably and normally works out fairly well.