Next Day Video

Over 10 years expertly recording video of 10,000+ talks, presentations, panels, keynotes and tutorials for conferences, conventions and events.

Based in Australia & the USA, helping virtual events across the globe.

What we do

We produce high quality videos for conferences, conventions and events: and we deliver blazingly fast.

What sets us apart is our complete service including editing and fixed fee pricing. Our standard fee includes pre-event liason, full on-site set-up, tear-down, editing, encoding, and uploading to your video channel - no surprises.

We work fast because releasing videos while delegates are still buzzing about your event exponentially increases exposure.

Services we offer include:

  • Single & multi-room event recording & production
  • Uploading titled videos to your video channel (i.e. Youtube)
  • Facilitating virtual/online-only events
  • Helping promote your videos on Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • For commercial content, paid distribution solutions
  • Live Internet streaming
  • Organising AV (projectors, mics, etc) & negotiating venue AV quotes
  • Custom video solutions (software development)

We have several pricing models - professional/corporate events, and grass-roots communities:

Community Model (managed volunteers, you supply):
Popular with grass-roots volunteer ran conferences - i.e. technical conferences like Pycon Australia. We supply pre-configured equipment and expertise; and you supply volunteers who we train up to operate the cameras/equipment. We start editing videos during the event, upload them to your video channel, and live tweet links to each video.

Professional Model (pro AV crew, we supply):
When the highest level of production quality and guarantee is required, and you want us to just make it all happen. We consult you on your specific requirements, handle everything, supply a full team, and deliver professionally edited video exactly how you want.

Online-only/Virtual events (pro AV core crew)
We've been helping communities run online-only/virtual events since 2008, so we have years of experience and cloud AV infrastructure. We can offer custom solutions beyond "Zoom call" remote guest quality, or offer consulting/advice.


Next Day Video was started by two techies who were unhappy with the quality and release speed of many conference videos - so we developed a better system that gives clients high quality video fast.

We are a group of two seperately managed companies:

  • Next Day Video LLC, ran by Carl Karsten based in USA,
  • Next Day Video Pty Ltd, ran by Ryan Verner, based in Australia

Our magic is due to our unique video workflow & software that ensures all video meets a rigid but rapid QA process. Every event we record should be a success no matter the scale - from a single keynote to many presentations in parallel.

We use live HDMI grabbers or WebRTC to capture exactly what is being projected to the audience, so live programming or demos are all part of the video: it's not just mixed in slides.

We are active contributors to open source, working on or funding various video related projects used by communities world wide.

Coming from a techie/software development background means we're incredibly flexible and can take on challenges beyond many other video recording companies.

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